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71 Degrees of comfort

Home Comfort Specialist
GA CR 109067 License No.

Service Agreement


How Our Service Agreements Work

                    Our service agreement include twice a year maintenance service.
                                     Our services seasons are spring and fall.

What Does It Cover

Spring Inspection Fall Inspection

filter change                                    filter change
 leaking air ducts                               leaking air ducts      
 clogged drains                                 block exhaust vents
 check freon level                              check freon level
 visual leaks                                     visual leaks
 motor amp draw                              motor amp draw
 check fan belts                                check fan belts
 check wire connection                       check wire connection
 clean system                                   check for gas leaks  
 check thermostat                              check thermostat


Operation & Maintenance Services  

We  are committed to help improve your home and business operational  efficiency. Let us help you achieve a well-maintained home and office by  providing your family with a safe living environment.

The customers we service have made  investments in their physical assets :
their homes and business. Accordingly, those assets need to be properly maintained to
operate efficiently. Key contributors to operational efficiency are the basic maintenance
and general services: HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical. 

Maintaining your heating and Air conditioning system will help control   your energy cost and prolong the life of the system parts.